Frank Slifka, Managing Partner of Port St. Lucie, FL based Green Energy Solutions, shared this article he wrote about energy efficiency in Florida.  Frank is a veteran in the energy conservation industry and is passionate about saving his customers money on their energy bills.

"The Future of Generated Energy (Electric Power) in Florida and the costs to its citizens!

On November 26, 2014, the Florida PSC (Public Service Commission) gave the public utilities (FPL, Duke, TECO, etc.) an early Holiday present. They voted to reduce/gut the state’s mandated energy efficiency programs by more than 90%.  In simple terms, energy efficiency means instead of using power, electricity is saved by products and programs designed to lower energy use.  The energy efficiency programs here in Florida included discounts and rebates paid thru the utility companies. Most of this money will now go back into the coffers of the utilities, with a small amount going back to the customer.  Here is the real issue – the less power needed the fewer new power plants have to be built. Why is this important to Floridians? Florida uses more residential electricity than only one other state.  PS – Florida ranks 29th in the nation for energy efficiency!

Florida allows the public utilities to recover complete costs and a profit for building new power plants. Who pays for these new plants? It’s all of us, the end users and not the stockholders.  We pay for these new plants. This translates to higher electric bills in the near future. (This is regardless of the type of fuel used – coal, natural gas, nuclear, etc).  Haven’t we all heard that newer plants are more efficient and cleaner, thus better?  Maybe NOT!  A number of recently completed energy efficiency studies show these programs are less costly, reduce utility bills, and put money back into customer’s pockets! (These studies are available upon request.)

Energy efficient programs are cheaper than building new power plants.  Coal plants are cheaper to build, but they pollute and are a major cause of climate change.  Newer natural gas plants use a better, cleaner fuel, but cost more to build than coal plants. In the end new power plants cost more than energy efficient programs.  The best type of energy savings is energy NOT used.  The less energy you use, the lower your electric bill. This is true for both residential and commercial customers."

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